Program Director

With a lifelong passion to help make the world a more just and sustainable place, I aim to promote economic policies that will enable people from all backgrounds and of all genders to thrive, while protecting the natural resources of this planet.

As the Director of Community Engagement, I facilitated and coordinated a professional development network for organizers, as well as a year-round adult learning conference dedicated to increasing citizen engagement in advocacy and public policy.

A dynamic educator and presenter, I have experience facilitating high quality policy discussions, peer-to-peer networking events, learning experiences, and coalition workgroup meetings.

I'm seeking a position that uses my talents in the fields of sustainable development, climate change, energy transition, circular economics, and related fields.

Her managerial skills and creativity were essential to our adult education program for civic engagement....
Her abilities to manage complex events and to create efficient solutions to time-consuming administrative tasks would be an asset to any organization...
She is well-organized and thoughtful, and her infectious energy motivates everyone around her...

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French Mobile Phone: +33 (0)
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Twitter: @tammysasmayaux
Instagram: @tammysasmayaux
LinkedIn: @tsasmayaux

Worldwide via Skype.
Between Maryland, USA & Paris, France.

Nonprofit Freelance Consulting

  • Writing (grants, reports, white papers, copy, etc.)
  • Programs (research, plan, design, evaluate, etc.)
  • Management (financial analysis, capacity building, creating systems, etc.) Services

  • Speaking coaching (preparation for job interviews, business sales pitches, funding round pitches, negotiations and other presentations)
  • Editing (correcting English texts written by non-native English speakers)
  • Translating texts from French to English.