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Business Owner & Professional Development Trainer in English Communications: English Success Pro (Paris, France) 2015-present

  • Train professionals to deliver dynamic and captivating speeches and presentations, use best practices for facilitating meetings, and navigate business conducted in English.
  • Students include think tank directors who fund research related to mobility and the energy transition, consultants who develop business sustainability and social responsibility programs at for-profit corporations, business development advisors for CleanTech and social enterprises, lawyers and accounting staff of a multinational corporation in the business of digital security, and employees of a company specialized in the security of international financial transactions for businesses and investors.

Member of the Instructional Leadership Team & English Teacher: Patterson High School (Baltimore, MD) 2013-2015

  • Data-driven strategic planning as a member of the Instructional Leadership Team. 
  • Trained teachers best practices for teaching standard subjects to non-native English speakers. 
  • Taught English language skills to students from Africa, Asia, and Central and South America. Wrote curriculum for language learners.

Invited Lecturer in political science and education classes at Goucher College and Towson University (Baltimore, MD) 2012 & 2014

  • Understanding Politics” – connected students with active neighborhood-based civic associations and presented the complex issues regarding community development and civic engagement in a disadvantaged poor urban neighborhood.
  • Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on America’s Urban Schools” – presented the social and academic challenges faced by immigrant students and discussed the impact of these difficulties on their academic achievement.

Director of Community Engagement: Citizens Planning & Housing Association (Baltimore, MD) 2010-2013

  • Coordinated two fair housing advocacy coalitions, the Baltimore Regional Housing Campaign and the Baltimore City Inclusionary Housing Coalition. Led policy discussions and wrote speeches our coalition members used during public hearings.
  • Editorial and research assistance to lawyers from the Maryland American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the legal firm Relman Dane and Colfaxin for their work on a landmark fair housing complaint Baltimore Regional Housing Campaign (BRHC) vs. HUD that alleged that the State of Maryland and the Department of Housing and Community Development applied discriminatory policies and practices in the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program in violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1968.
  • Created and managed a professional development network for over 100 organizers in Baltimore City to improve citizen mobilization and community development efforts. Facilitated meetings, as well as peer-to-peer networking and skill-sharing events. Created high quality learning experiences for organizers to improve their ability to engage citizens in community development efforts.
  • Created civic leadership training called Activate Your Inner Citizen (AYIC). Annually, coordinated 4 large adult learning events (100-300 people) and up to 20 small events (5-30 people). Partnered with urban greening organizations to create a parallel full-day event called the AYIC: Greening University.
  • Strategic planning with grantors to develop fundable programs. Wrote grant proposals.
  • Managed the communications efforts for CPHA, and the two fair housing coalitions, including writing and editing blog posts, writing weekly and monthly newsletters, establishing a social media presence, and designing websites.

Housing Finance Operations Manager: People’s Homesteading Group (Baltimore, MD) 2006-2008

  • Managed a $600,000 operations budget and $1.7 million of revolving lines of credit.
  • Wrote grant reports and edited grant proposals.
  • Served as a representative on the Baltimore City Leadership Committee of the Maryland Asset Building and Community Development Network.

Neighborhood Community Organizer: Charles Village Community Benefits District (Baltimore, MD) 2005-2006

  • Project management and marketing for bi-monthly community events and two large-scale community events. Coordinated in-person outreach, and print and web communications efforts.

Intern: Department of Health and Social Services (DDASS de Paris): (Paris, France) 2003-2003

  • “Human Rights insecurity: the poorest people lack access to their basic rights” – memoire written in French regarding housing insecurity in Paris and the lack of political will to finance housing for the homeless.
  • Policy analysis of the impact of public funding cuts on the private emergency housing system for homeless individuals and families in the city of Paris. Further analysis of the impact of a high influx of undocumented immigrants on the existing array of emergency housing services.


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Nonprofit Freelance Consulting

  • Writing (grants, reports, white papers, copy, etc.)
  • Programs (research, plan, design, evaluate, etc.)
  • Management (financial analysis, capacity building, creating systems, etc.) Services

  • Speaking coaching (preparation for job interviews, business sales pitches, funding round pitches, negotiations and other presentations)
  • Editing (correcting English texts written by non-native English speakers)
  • Translating texts from French to English.