Controversy of climate change and associated risks to the United States population

Summary of the Work: Brief history of the science of global warming, an overview of what the skeptics have said, and a brief review of the production of ignorance in the United States.   Context of the document: Year written: 2018 Author: Tammy SAS-MAYAUX Master degree course: […]

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Policy Coherence, the SDGs and the UN 2030 Agenda: Grappling with policy interactions and transboundary spill-overs in the global economy

“The communication on this still needs work,” explained Rémy Rioux, CEO of the French Development Agency (AFD), referring to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which aim to eliminate extreme poverty and to achieve worldwide economic, social and environmental sustainability. Many, many other important ideas were shared at […]

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Engaging New Americans in Baltimore’s Neighborhoods (Nonprofit Program Proposal)

Summary of the Work: Gap analysis of existing supports for integrating immigrants into the fabric of civic life in Baltimore City (Maryland, USA), and a proposal for a new program CPHA could implement based on research on the best practices for welcoming programs and civic training for […]

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On the border (Published Article & Photos)

Summary of the Work: Photography and brief commentary on a three-week course abroad in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas, USA, exploring the legal and social issues facing individuals and families who live on both sides of the border.   Context of the Proposal: Year written: […]

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Rights at risk: inability of the poorest people to access their rights (Thesis/ Memoire)

Summary of the Work: Policy analysis of the impact of public funding cuts on the private emergency housing system for homeless individuals and families in the city of Paris. Further analysis of the impact of a high influx of undocumented immigrants on the existing array of emergency […]

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